Alisado Pack Keratin Fuerte
  • Alisado Pack Keratin Fuerte

Alisado Pack Keratin Suave

VAT included
  • Smoothing treatment SOFT

  • Description:

    Keratinliss pack products:

    01 Pre Shampoo
    02 Smoothing cream SOFT
    03 Balsam
    04 Neutralizer
    05 Post Shampoo
    06 Mask

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  • Results:

    - Smooth, soft, shiny hair
    - Smooth, hydrated hair for three-four mounths
    - Does not damage the hair's texture and doues not contain substances that are harmful to humans
    - Restores the hair's lost keratin, and can be applied to any type of hair
    - Rejuvenated hair, strong and full of life

  • Way of use:

    Video application Keratinliss