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Clips Natural Straight

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Clip in Hair, 20" hair lenght, 8 pieces.

Add length, volume & color to your hair with just a few clicks using Rachelle World Style Clip-in Extensions. Made from 100% Human Hair, these exceptional extensions are extremely light-weight and blend seamlessly with your natural hair leaving it virtually undetectable.


This Extension set includes:

2- Extension pieces with 3 clips
3- Extension pieces with 2 clips
2- Extension pieces with 1 clips

Weight Of Hair = 100gr

The extensions can easily be washed and styled. Please follow care instructions.

Step 1

Start by dividing your hair (With a comb) about 2-3 inches from your neckline, keeping the rest of your hair up using a hairclip. Place a 2-clip piece close to the hairline (not on the scalp). Stretch and extend all the way across so there is no bumps in between clips.

Step 2

Divide your hair about 2 inches above Step.1 and apply a 3-clip piece (starting with the middle clip).
Don’t forget to pull and extend.

Step 3

Divide your hair above Step.2 and apply the second 3-clip oiece (starting with the middle clip).

Step 4 & 5

Divide your hair about 2 inches above your Right & Left ear and apply the remaining 2-clip pieces.

Optional Step 6 & 7

For finishing touches, Divide your hair between your forehead and Step.3. Apply the 1-clip piece for both Right & Left sides.


Be sure to never pull on your extensions.